Rome wasn’t built in a day !! Yeahhhh, now that’s perfectly correct, at there is a small town in India which will give you an experience of Rome? Arikamedu, an archaeological site in Puducherry.

Arikamedu, which means “mound on a river bank” in Tamil, it is located on the bank of the Ariyankuppam River around seven kilometers from Puducherry. The port was inhabited earlier by Romans and the Cholas along with French who had left their mark on this beautiful place .

In the absence of signposting, the way to explore the site is to follow a path that leads off from the ruin through the jungle and towards the river.

As per the archaeological reports and displays in museums it is understood that It was earlier a big Chola port dedicated only to bead making and trading with Roman traders was the only ties with Rome country . Beautiful textiles, colourful beads, terracotta artifmaterials ,gold and semi precious jewellery were deemed to be exporters to Rome .  It is stated that the glass bead making workshop was considered as “mother of all bead centres” in the world.

Several items were discovered including Amphorae jars of wine and olive oil, Arretine ware, Roman lamps, glassware, glass and stone beads and gems.

The remains – Arikamedhu


Arikamedu now consists of only walls which were been damaged by the cyclone Thane ,2011. There is not much that can be seen except the long-standing pillars . Coconut and Mango trees are seen in abundance. It’s almost like they have an intention to remind one to step out of the time machine into the realm of reality. The plantations take your breath away. The mangoes hanging from the lower branches feel like the forbidden fruit and the orchard itself turns into the Royal Garden of Eden. I can also say a forgotten heritage.

Back in town, I head to Puducherry Museum (Rue Saint Louis , a merchant of 18th century villa has been converted). The museum displays a whimsical collection of European leftovers like pianos and a Vintage car.

Luckily, I’ve been doing some additional reading , A normal-sized amphora held the equivalent of 36 of today’s bottles , imagine having a amphora in this lockdown 😊 .

 The below read also tells importance of religious culture in ancient ports of Arikamedu.

To experience the aura of Arikamedu you’ll have to do more than just reading this. You have to go there. Let History seep into your bones.It is an unforgettable experience that you wouldn’t want to miss.


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  1. I liked the way you added humour to your post by mentioning having filled amphora in this lockdown situation ☺️

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