The elegant and graceful monument, draped in white, with  the backdrop of lofty Deccan ranges embrace the Queen’s Memorial in their protective arms. This structure, more popularly known as Bibi-Ka-Maqbara.

A symbol of remembrance, Bibi Ka Maqbara is indistinguishable from another memento of love, the seven wonders of the World Taj Mahal. It might be a derivative of the Taj but the mausoleum stands proud as an expression of a son’s love for his mother.

The Tomb of Rabia Durani or Bibi Ka Maqbara was built in 1668 by Azam Shah, the son of Aurangzeb in love for his mother Dilras Begum who was titled Rabia Durani . Being the spitting image of the Taj Mahal, the mausoleum is also called the Taj of the Deccan or the Dakkhani Taj. Today it is one of the most famous historical monuments in Maharashtra.

It is undoubtedly modelled on the Taj Mahal. It has simulated the Taj Mahal’s style, pattern and design as it was conceived by Attaullah Rashidi, one of the three sons of Ustad Ahmed Lahori, the chief architect of the Taj Mahal, who had been given the title of Nadir-ul-Asar (‘a rare gem of the period’) by Shah Jahan

The area within which the Maqbara is built is 15K sq ft.The entire area is fortified with high walls. There is a pavilion (chhatri) on each of the four corners of the wall. The cupolas are octagonal with eight pillars and the cupola roofs are supported on brackets and lintels. These were created by the Mughals not only for aesthetic effect but also to station security guards. The walls around are connected to each other via a wall walk, a common feature in most Mughal structures. Royal tombs were always protected by high walls and security guards and therefore the enclosure wall to is crenelated. The principal building of the Maqbara, in which lies the Queen’s tomb is 19ft above.

The dome of this plinth, main chabutra, and the octagonal minars on all four sides are made of marble. They are three-storeyed and after each floor, a gallery opens out with railings of red sandstone carved in jali design.

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