Dahanu in Bordi is one of the beautiful places to visit nearby Mumbai. Chickoo Festival is celebrated every year in February the first week for 2-3 days. Chikoo fruit is a major source of revenue for this region. The festival not only supports local farmers but also helps women entrepreneurs.

What a better way to start the day by having loads of Lip-smacking local homemade cuisine, varieties of Seafood, Chikoo products like chips, sweets, dried chikoos, jams, pickles. One of the most relishing drinks you will find is Palash flower drink, khus sharbat, and Neera. In addition to the above, there are the workshop of warli art , bamboo baskets, and cloth bag making; old-school games such as those played with marbles and shells; caricature and calligraphy artists; pottery classes, and beach games. Do not miss the fresh seafood (like King prawns, Squid, Bombay duck, Mackarel, surmai , pomfrets and oyster ), try local cuisines of the tribal people, and delicacies.

Indulge yourself in Warli music and enthralled with the Tarpa dance, dhol dance and more exhilarated to see the tribal children presenting the shows of their routine life, festival, and marriage ceremony. You can plan your visit to a local Chikoo farm which is also called Chikoo Safari which shows the agro-tourism culture.

When life give you chikoo , why not make wine and celebrate? Do not miss to visit the world’s first winery to brew Chikoo, the sparkling wine is called Fruzzante.

The winery tour cost you Rs 200 per person. The process of getting fruit crushed to fermentation to filtration and packaging, they show you all. As a tour process, they give wine for tasting it includes 4-5 varieties of wine. Chickoo wine infused with spice is one of my favorites. ( Checked the last image)

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