Extremely impressive 1200-year-old temple in Nagpur, Maharashtra also called as Karpur Baoli. Karpur means Camphor and Baoli means a water tank. It is said that the water in the well has camphor smell and was used as medication. It is an ancient Baoli few kilometers away from the temples at Ramtek and there is a dilapidated temple locally called Kali Mata Temple stands on one end of the Karpur Baoli.

Karpur baoli is dedicated to 6 goddesses namely Chamunda , Bhairavi , Ingalaj, Kali , Ranchandi and Kapurta .  It houses in the garbhagriha a fragmentary part of the sculptural panel is placed inside. The temple is also provided with pillared corridors. This temple and baoli seem to be of later date and may be assigned 9th-10th century C.E. on the stylistic ground or Hemadpanti style. Locals say that the water level of the pond never goes down. It is a lesser-explored place of Maharashtra. The combination of pond and hills behind the temple makes it look more scenic.

A person may spend many serene hours wandering around the temple complex, gazing at the magnificent architectural edifice and the carvings, or may just relax near the baoli .  

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