Yana rocks are an adventure seeker’s ultimate destination. Yana attracts trekkers and climbers from everywhere. Yana is one of the wettest villages within the world and it’s the cleanest village in Karnataka and therefore the second cleanest village in India. The rocks are the highlight of this village located within the Sahyadri mountain ranges of the Western Ghats. They are unusual karst rock formations.

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Hike up to the rocks:
Yana attracts hikers due to its two massive rock formations, referred to as Bhairaveshwara hill and Mohini hill. the unusual rock formations of Yana attract pilgrims, nature lovers, and trekkers. One has got to trek through the forests to succeed in the 2 massive rocks called the Bhairaveshwara peak and the Mohini peak.

There are several trek routes to those majestic Karst limestone formations. You can approach Yana from different directions but the simplest trek routes are from Kumta and Sirsi. Among these two routes, the Sirsi route is right for families or elders who visit Yana. For an exciting walk, one can take the Kumta trek route which is long and slow.

Yana Caves are another renowned attraction of Village, these 3 m deep caves are located within the forests. you’ll enjoy hiking here as Yana Caves are made from uniquely-formed black crystalline limestone. There is an extended trek route from Kumta to  Yana rocks. Usually, people that need a thrilling trek to take this route.

Such views are often seen only in a movie with computer graphics like Bahubali, Jurassic Park, Harry Potter or Games of Thrones

There also are many popular places to go to around Yana: Karwar, Sirsi, Kumta, Gokarna, and Vibhuti Falls. Vibhuti Falls also called as Magbi Falls and is worth visiting near Yana (Read below)

For those that love mythology:

Yana has a
place of special significance. There are several legends related to the rock formations. A demon named Bhasmasura manages to urge a gift from Lord Shiva that anything on which he keeps his palm burns into ashes (Bhasma). With this unique skill, Bhasmasura wreaks havoc and attempts to undertake his skill on Lord Shiva. Seeing his action, Lord Shiva took refuge within the rock formation referred to as Bhairaweshwara Peak, the nearby rock, referred to as Jaganmohini, refers to Lord Vishnu, who took the form of Mohini to save Lord Shiva.  Being pleased with her personality Bhasmasura accepts her challenge to dance with her and follow her steps, the dance progresses well, later Mohini while dancing kept her hand over her head. Bhasmasura performs an equivalent act and burns into ashes. The fire which emanated while the demon died, is believed to have blackened these rock formations

Twelve Jyotirlinga-a Spiritual Gateway of India(Opens in a new browser tab)

Vibhuti Waterfalls: Trek to go to Vibhuti waterfalls is going to be a superb adventure activity in Yana. Vibhuti Falls is the prime attraction of Yana Village. Vibhuti waterfalls are among the various beautiful waterfalls. Surrounded by large rocks and limestone deposits, this waterfall is such a picturesque spot This waterfall is covered by evergreen forests, bamboo groves, and wildflowers on all sides. Locals believe that the waterfall derives its name from the limestone rock that’s present near it. This waterfall is accessible with a small nature trail. Surrounded by greenery this is often a pleasant place to spend a day All you hear is that the gurgling sound of water falling in layers. The Vibhuti Falls is additionally called/spelled as Vibhooti Falls, Vibhuthi Falls. There is a lifeguard posted at Vibhuti falls who keeps an eye fixed on all the swimmers at Vibhuti Falls. Legend of Vibhuti Falls is linked to Yana Rocks. it’s believed that the water that comes from Yana is that the Vibhuti or sacred ash, which gives these perennial falls the name – Vibhuti Falls.
Its a Nature trail of 1-1.5 km towards the falls. There are benches at regular intervals for you to take a seat and relax or admire all around you,  the primary half of the trail is well-paved while the last half is kutcha.

There’s much to see here. So, take your time, look around. Then make sure to drop me a line.

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There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around. Then make sure to drop me a line.
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