Ramtek gets its name from Lord Rama who, with Sita and Laxman, is said to have rested here. 

Ramtek temple

A fascinating aspect of the place is that the stones of the hill, when newly fractured , take on a blood red color in sunlight, apparently reflecting the blood of the demon Hiranya Kashyapu when he was slain by Lord Vishnu in the avatar of Narsimha. Legend has it that, after his victory, Lord Vishnu threw his cudgel down with such force that it made a crater, which now forms the Ambala tank at the foot of the hill. Around the tank are a number of temples.

A trip to Ramtek, especially during the Ramnavmi festival, will prove a uniquely fascinating journey, where history, geography, and spirituality blend seamlessly to provide an unforgettable travel experience.

Khindsi Lake: Located jus 5 kms from Ramtek, this beautiful lake, surrounded on all sides by verdant forest, is a must see. Trekking aside, the big attraction here is watersports. Choose from motor boats, pedal boats, water scooters. There’s really no better way to take in the scenic beauty of the place.

Khindsi Lake
Mansar site

Mansar: Located on the Nagpur-Jabalpur highway, Mansar’s pride is an expansive lake bordered by the Hidamaba hill, the site of an archaeological excavation. To date, antiquities from four different civilization have been unearthed here, including many Jain idols. Those with a fascination for ancient culture would do well to visit the site and watch history being revealed right before their eyes.

Nagardhan Fort

Nagardhan : The historic town of Nagardhan is said to have been founded by Nandvardhan, a king of the Shail Dynasty. The land houses a fort, supposedly built by the Bhonsles , with walls made of bricj

Location : Ramtek is situated north-east of Nagpur

Languages spoken: Marathi , Hindi, English

Getting there:

By Air: Nearest Airport – Nagpur 60 kms

BY Rail : Ramtek station – 50 Kms

By Road: Mumbai – Ramtek via Nagpur 913 kms

State transport buses available from Nagpur to Ramtek

Enjoy your Visit . Jai Shri Ram

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  1. Our culture do have a lot of strong history that not many are aware of. thanks for sharing

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