Saheliyon Ki Bari (Courtyard or Garden of the Friends) is one of the most visited and beautiful gardens in Udaipur, Rajasthan.

A symbol of remembrance Saheliyon Ki Bari is indistinguishable from another memento of love. It stands proud as an expression of a Kings love for his Queen.  Rana Sangram Singh, also known as Rana Sanga of Mewar dynasty, got the fountain  garden built to please his beloved queen. The garden was also made for the 48 maids of honour who came to Udaipur with the Queen as a wedding gift.

The garden was built to offer the Queen and the royal maidens a quick getaway in the lap of nature. The king designed the garden himself for his Queen. Each water channel was designed to create a distinct sound so that the mingling of these sounds would create music. 

As per the legend, Queen was very fond of rains, in order to satisfy the extra-ordinary craze of his Queen to have rain “at will”  the whole garden is decorated with the five beautiful fountains namely Swagat fountain, Savan Bhodo fountain, Kamal Talai fountain, Rasaleela fountain and Bin-Badal barasat fountain. The fountains are specially engineered in the absence of pumping technology then.

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The first fountain at entrance you will find is called as Swagat fountain which means welcome fountain. There are rows of fountains on the path from entrance till garden interior. One of the main attraction of these fountains are this are controlled by clapping hands.

Rasleela fountain, where the queen would be seated at the centre of the fountain enjoying the sounds of water coming from the fountain. The maids or folk dancers performers use to dance the local folk dance which are alike ghumar or garba hence it is called as Rasleela fountain ( Rasleela – Type of dance )

Raaslella Fountain, Saheliyon ki Bari , Udaipur
Raaslella Fountain, Saheliyon ki Bari , Udaipur

Bin Badal Barsaat fountain is designed a way that it replicates the sound of rain during non-monsoon season . (It means rains without clouds)

Bin badal barsaat, Saheliyon ki bari , Udaipur

Savan Bhado Fountain creates an illusion of heavy rains in monsoon season. If you try to hear the sound carefully they have exactly replicated the sound by positioning the fountains.

Kamal Talai Fountain means a lotus pool. The pool is full of blooming lotus. At the centre of the             pool is artistic pillar with four lions each direction . Each lion is carved out of a single marble stone and coloured accordingly.   At the edge of the ponds, on the four directions there is a single marble carved elephants statues . The water from the elephant’s trunk has so much force that the water sprinkles directly on the lion seated in  the centre of the pool.

Kamal Talai Fountain , Saheliyon ki Bari , udaipur
Kama Talai Fountain , Saheliyon ki Bari , udaipur
Artistic centre of Lotus pool  , saheliyon ki bari , udaipur
Artistic centre of Lotus pool , saheliyon ki bari , udaipur

An added attraction of this garden is the facility afforded to travellers  – especially ladies, to be dressed in the specially tailored colourful robes of those princely times and roam about in the gardens as though they are the real “sahelis” of the royal ladies! 

Dressed in Local attire
Dressed in Local attire

Many Hindi songs are filmed at this beautiful locations .Couple of them which I recollect are  :

Tumsa koi pyara koi masum nahi hai – Movie – Khuddar (1994)

Humeense Mohaabbat …HumeenSe Ladai  song-  Leader (1964) 

Saheliyon Ki Bari is an oasis  in the middle of the dessert and offers especially nature lovers and photographers who will find ample things to click .

Entry fee:

  •  Rs .10 per person for Indians
  •  Rs .50 per person for Foreigners

How to reach:

Airport – Dabok is 22kms from main city, its well establish with cabs, autos and bus.

Visiting time :

9 Am to 7 pm  Open on all days .

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